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Improvement Inc 

About Us

A Modern Home

In the Heart of CHELSEA, MA

We are a company dedicated to the improvement of your home or commercial spaces. Our mission is to guarantee a quality job that allows you and your family to enjoy a comfortable and quality environment.  

Our best letter of endorsement is the satisfaction of hundreds of clients to whom we have helped to materialize their ideas and now they enjoy a renovated space. 

Repoint Brick Services 


Repairing, stuccoing, repointing and masonry walls are our specialties. That is why you can count on us to carry out the renovation of your brick, concrete, cement, and other surfaces walls with the best quality and detailed work, avoiding possible leaks, humidity, or cracks. 

Laminate and Ceramic


Modern and renovated floors will give a new look to your spaces, we are experts in the installation of laminate or ceramic floors. 

Patio Renovations


Enhance the beauty and value of your home with an exceptional interior and exterior paint job. we are a professional team that will tackle your list of painting projects, we know how to do the job right with years of experience painting a wide variety of surfaces and materials, including stuccos, wood, vinyl, brick, cedar shingles, and garage doors. 

Replacement Windows and Doors


we install doors, fences and windows for interiors and exteriors, always with the greatest care and agility. 

Roofing Services 


Leave the care and repair of your roofs in the hands of experts. Don’t take risks or waste time on a job that can be handled by an experienced and efficient professional. Your leaks and roof problems will be just a bad memory. 

Interior and Exterior Painting


other improvements and modulations services 


Our Mission

Our mission is to make your spaces comfortable, pleasant, and improved.



Testimonials «

Roberto is a very kind and careful person; my patio is unrecognizable.

Jose Rojas

Fast work, best quality, and a fair price

Annette Thomas

Roberto and his team painted my house and it looked like new. In only 2 days.

Patricia Gomez

What you Get

Services Provided 

Interior and exterior painting
roofing services
patio renovations
laminate and ceramic tile floor installation
repoint brick services
other improvements and remodulations services
replacement windows and doors
Home renovations

Contact Us!

our promise has always been the dedication and care of your spaces, assuring you, our customers, a service offered with agility, quality, and experience.  

WE ARE OPEN and offer on-site and remote estimates, contact us to make your improvement and remodeling projects a reality. 

10 COTTAGE ST, Chelsea, MA